Thursday, May 01, 2008

Everyone Gets A Rose--Wesley Foundation E-Letter (Methodist Campus Ministry)

Dear Friends,


The end of the semester is upon us!  Important information following all these exclamation points!!!!!!!


Tonight is our Senior Worship service!  Come and help us pray and commission our seniors as we bless them and send them forth!  Dinner at 6:30pm.  Worship at 7:30pm.  Faith’s Praise Band coming!  Also we will be electing officers tonight!!!!


Next week Monday through Thursday:  Free Lunch at the Wesley!!!!! Come and eat your fill, bring a friend!!!!


Sunday 6:30pm Ladies Tea Party, my house—


Tuesday 6:30pm Men’s Cookout, my house—


Next Thursday, Senior Banquet!!!!  Come and roast our Seniors!  Free food, we’re having it catered.  Let me know if you plan on being there!


Okay, enough announcements.


Now For Sami’s Ramblings About Jesus:


Tuesday night I watched “The Bachelor.”  I don’t regularly watch the show because I hate the truth, or rather un-truth, that it represents.  It sets up a scenario where a person is sent one message one minute (i.e. you are a person of worth, I love you) and a totally different message the next (I’m sorry but you have to go, you are not the one I’m looking for).  The “bachelor” the other night had to make a choice between three women, only two could stay and continue on; one would have to go.  All the messages being sent to all three could very well indicate, “you are the girl for me.”  Even pet names of affection were given freely to all.  And yet one young woman was sent away.  His words to her were, “Everything I have ever said to you was true.”  And her response was cold and disbelieving.  Of course it was.  She had been set up to believe she was the one whom he was “falling for.”  She took a chance and opened up her heart, making herself emotionally vulnerable in a way that she rarely did with anyone.  (And don’t get me started on the way physical intimacy and vulnerability is treated on the show!)  And then she was rejected.  Of course she felt betrayed and lied to.  She was.  She was led to believe that something significant and enduring had passed between them. But really it had not.  She got sent home.


Now in all honesty, that’s just how the game is set up.  The bachelor was simply abiding by rules that all of them knew existed from the beginning.  I even felt a tiny bit sorry for him (but not much) when he said that he was losing someone he cared about.  I just hate the outcome; I hate the rules; and I hate how this is the way the world works.


Notice I said the world, not God.  God doesn’t work this way.  In God’s economy, everyone gets a rose.  No one is sent home.  No one is rejected and turned away.  Every person is a beloved child in His eyes.  Everyone is invited to be His bride, the Bride of Christ.  Everyone has a place in His heart and a place in His home.  Everyone has an opportunity to be a member of the Body of Christ.  Everyone gets a rose.


Compare if you would the relationships presented in pop culture with the relationships described in the following passage:


There are certain personal attitudes and feelings that contribute to creative relationships with others.  They include, for one thing, warm acceptance and understanding in stead of rejection or hostility.  Even when we disagree with or regret the action of another, we can emphasize “I still love you,” instead of “You really were a fool.”  When disagreement is called for, we can be honest and open instead of masked and hidden.  Instead of remaining silent, we can speak out when a different position needs to be expressed.  But such a reaction can be held within a framework of basic support for the other.  We can help others feel that we are still on their side when it comes to appreciating and encouraging them as persons.


                                                                                                                                    From Liberation of Life by Harvey and Lois Seifert


Now I have spent too much of my life trying to please others, figure out the “hidden rules” of the relationship games, and playing by those rules as a way to guarantee acceptance.  Thankfully, God has delivered me from so many of those bad relationship habits.  But there is still that thing in me that hates messing up, because it’s still afraid of what it might cost me.  (Thankfully this reaction no longer rules my actions and decisions).  Recently I became aware of a choice I made that might not have been the wisest in God’s eyes.  If I had been aware of what I was doing at the time, I never would have made the decision.  But some things we just have to learn the hard way.  As I was praying about it this morning, the Lord plopped this passage down in front of me.  It was like He was saying, “if this is how humans are supposed to behave with one another, don’t you think you can trust me to have at least this response to your mistakes, and then more?”


So consider this word of good news my friends.  God is all about having a creative and life-giving relationship with you.  With Him you WILL find warm acceptance and understanding, NOT rejection or hostility.  Even when He disagrees with us, or regrets our actions, He WILL emphasize “I still love you, instead of “you really were a fool.”  And when disagreement is called for, we can trust Him to be honest and open with us instead of masked and hidden.  He WILL reveal truth in a way we will get!  And instead of remaining silent, we can trust Him to speak out when a different position needs to be expressed.  But even when He has to disagree with us, or even discipline us, we can be sure that we are still held within a framework of basic support.  We can trust that He WILL help us FEEL that He is still ON OUR SIDE when it comes to appreciating us and encouraging us as persons.


How powerful and day transforming is that?!  I’m glad to have the Lord as my “bachelor” anytime.  Let Him be yours.  You will never be sorry.  Oh, and one more thing.  Remember I said that “The Bachelor” way of life is how the world works?  Well yes, it does.  But always remember, God is has overcome the world.  He rules it.  And He ultimately wins.  So it is with much love for each of you that I’m still . . .








Sami Wilson

Campus Minister/Director

WKU Wesley Foundation

United Methodist Campus Ministry