Thursday, April 08, 2004

Remember Who You Are

In the crunch and rush it can be so easy to lose yourself. I often find this is true when I am driving. I will be rushing here and there, saying things under my breath when someone cuts me off that I shouldn’t. Sound familiar? By the time I am completely stressed out, I take a mental and spiritual look in the mirror. The person I want to be is often unrecognizable from the harried, crazy, very cranky woman staring back at me. (Of course, maybe that’s just pregnancy hormones.)

Does this experience sound familiar right about now? In the midst of the stress of deadlines and looming exams, I want to encourage you to remember you are more than just someone who produces academic output for someone else’s perusal. You are a child of God. And those sweet Heavenly Hands that formed you and gave you life want to embrace you even in this time of stress. Jesus wants to hold you so you can still hold onto the abundance of life He died to give you.

What am I saying? Don’t let this time of deadlines rob you of the who-ness of who you are. Meet your responsibilities, but remember to laugh. Remember to tell jokes. Remember to be a friend. Remember to spend a few moments with God everyday. Remember, you are not your grades. I am not saying stop studying and writing and working. But I am saying remember to say hi to your real self in the midst of the craziness. Do your best, and then offer that into God’s hands.

Sometimes I think of how I allowed my academic ambition to rob me of the joy of living. In the long run, nobody really has cared about anything I did in school (and it wasn’t all that long ago that I was there). Learn, by all means. But don’t forsake learning for the sake of performing. Know that God loves you no matter what your grades. God just loves you. Jesus is crazy about you. When He lives in your heart, the Holy Spirit abides with you. And if you do everything as if for Him, it all falls into place.

By the way, I love you right along with Jesus too. You are all great.



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