Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Now for Sami’s Ramblings about Jesus:

A few weeks ago I sent out an e-letter that focused on the Joy of the Lord being our strength. I shared about how Becky and Kelly fixed one of Noah’s burp rags into a swami hat and placed it on his head. We just laughed and laughed. Well the film is finally developed, and you no longer have to wonder what was so funny. This is one of those magic moments where faith becomes sight:

You know, faith becomes sight all the time, it’s just that most of us don’t have the patience to wait for it to be revealed in our lives. We give up on God before God has time to perfect His plans for us. “So why does it take so long?” you might ask. It’s like this: imagine you have been invited to dinner at a place known for its steak dinners. This place has a reputation for succulent, tasty, perfectly grilled steaks. It only serves them just right. The same is true for the baked potato and salad that come with it. They too are worth writing home about. But one day someone comes to eat there and within five minutes of ordering demands that the food be brought out. The server pleads with the patron saying, “It just isn’t ready; we need more time.” But the patron is so impatient to eat that the demands become more escalated. Reluctantly the server agrees to bring the dinner out. Of course what does the patron find? The steak is raw, the potato is hard, and the lettuce hasn’t even been washed. In disgust the patron exclaims that it is the worst meal ever served on the face of the earth and stomps out of the restaurant. In reality, it is the very best meal that could ever be offered, it was just tasted way before its time.

This is how we are with God so often. We give Him our lives and then thirty minutes later (in spiritual time) we demand that He give the results back to us. And then we leave disillusioned and disgusted because God didn’t live up to our expectations. The sad thing is that if we could just hang in there, and wait patiently upon God (in God’s time), God would EXCEED our expectations. Too often we never give God the time or room to work.

So where are you at right now? Waiting for Noah’s picture to be developed was so worth it. I’m so glad that I didn’t interrupt the process out of impatience, because this precious image would have been lost. God is developing some really great pictures in your life even now as I write. All you have to do is hang tough, trusting that God’s end result is so worth the wait. You will be so blessed when you finally see what God has been up to. There is no telling how many lives God is having to impact, how many situations God is having to influence, how many minds God is patiently trying to change to bring about His perfect best for your life. All I can say is, whatever it is you are waiting on God for, it is sooooooooooooooooooooo worth the wait.

God loves you and so do I,


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