Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Deepest Need

Now for Sami’s Ramblings About Jesus:


What is the biggest need in your life?  Have you ever spent some time thinking about the answer to that question?  I’m not talking about the most pressing issue or urgent demand of the moment.  All of us can so easily be swamped by the clutter of busyness.  I’m talking about that deepest need, the hunger that motivates all our busyness, the heart cry and heart ache that persists within us even when outward circumstances change.  Can you put your finger on that for a moment?


For me it has always been a longing for someone to recognize and affirm the person I really am.  To not feel the obligation to offer an apology for not being someone or something else, but to truly sense a deep, abiding appreciation for the stuff that is me.  There have been moments in my life when I have truly experienced this from another human being.  Even to remember those times, the feeling of being truly accepted and loved, delighted in, situates me in a sacred heart space I rarely get to.  It was as if for those few moments of my life the heavens opened up and Heaven flooded my soul.  I was a different kind of person.


The Lord has been teaching me that this is His true intention for us, for it is truly how He sees each one of us.  He is teaching me to look beyond the human vessels to the Divine Love that filled each one.  And I can truly say, though the people and situations were different, the quality to Love I experienced was the same. 


It is the same for you too.  It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, what you look like, what kind of grades you are likely to make, you are truly loved, delighted in.  Jesus recognizes you, affirms the person you really are.  He is not waiting for you to mess up so He can show His disapproval of you.  He is actually waiting for an opportunity to really reveal His UNCONDITIONAL love to you.  And if you will let Him, this could be that opportunity now.  Jesus wants you to know:  He deeply appreciates you with an abiding quality that is eternal; He is not going to complain about your quirks and mannerisms; He knit them into you in the first place;  He created you, and it is His love that will fulfill the person in you that you are longing to be.


In this stage of my journey, I am learning to come to the Lord to soak up and soak in the Love I need.  And I am becoming a different kind of person as I do.  Take a chance and join me.  You will be transformed too.







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