Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Live, Love, & Laugh Today

I believe that life is a gift, but I also know that in the midst of living it, it is easy to mistake it for a burden instead. In every season of our lives there are gifts, given for us by God who really wants to fill our hearts with His own joy and enthusiasm for the awesome miracle of life. Man, how easy it is to lose sight of that. It’s so easy to get busy. Already some of you are beginning to feel the pressure of quizzes, exams, papers, and projects. Already the long nights of studying have started. Already the juggling of work schedules and activities and classes have started. And this doesn’t even include your social life and love life. It becomes easy to say/believe something like: who has time for a social life, love life, church life, etc.? It’s nuts being a student these days.

But I also know a powerful principle is also at work at the same time: We are only given one life. When our days are gone, they’re gone. I could tell you all of the wonderful things that go along with this season of your lives. But it would be much more valuable to you if I didn’t. You alone can name what makes this time a special time in your life. You alone can choose to live it as special and cherished or rush through it trying to get to the next big thing out there. I want to encourage you to live today as if the living of it really mattered, as if the savoring of its little blessings and quirks really mattered. Because it does.

Live today. Love today. Laugh today. Don’t let it pass you by without being in it.

Choose to receive and enjoy the gift that God’s heart has wrapped so carefully just for you.

Jesus loves you so much today.



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