Thursday, April 27, 2006

Transitions--Methodist Student Center Weekly E-Letter

Dear Friends,


Hope you are all having a fantastic day.  There is free music and food on South Lawn today.  I had a hot dog.  It was good.  Tonight at Solid Rock Café (7pm at Wesley Foundation) we are finishing up our look at how change “changes” our lives.  We will finish with the book Who Moved My Cheese.  Should be fun.  We are also grilling out on the front porch for dinner.  Oh Yeah!


This Sunday we will meet at Mt. Union UMC at 10am.  We will be doing our outreach program at their 11am church service.  Last week’s outreach at Christ UMC was awesome.  For all of you Christ UMC supporters out there, thank you so much for the warm welcome.  We had a blast!


Also this Sunday night at 6pm the guys will be meeting at my house for a cookout.  Don’t worry Tim is doing the cooking.  It will be great.  Lots of free food.  Let me know if you plan on being there so I can have enough burgers!  E-mail me if you need directions.


BIG NEWS!!!!!!


Next Thursday night is our annual SENIOR NIGHT.  This is a special event where we roast our seniors, celebrate their contributions to the Wesley Foundation, and send them off in style.  So far we have Jill Woodall, Jason James, Kyle Moody, Brad Donnell, and Samantha Shirley as our seniors.  Our special friends John and Joellen Tubbs will be catering again.  Menu is shrimp alfredo, salad, and banana pudding.  LET ME KNOW IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING SO THAT I CAN HAVE A GOOD COUNT FOR FOOD!!!!!


Now for Sami’s Ramblings About Jesus:


I just found out last week that my dear friend Sister Elaine (from the Catholic Newman Center) is taking a new ministry position in Paducah, KY.  I know that this is an awesome opportunity for her, but I must admit, I’m going to miss her much.  Thank goodness she’s not leaving till July.  What I love about Sister Elaine is that she exemplifies the Christian witness I believe Jesus calls us live out, no matter where we are.  Every time I have ever been around Sister, she is gentle in spirit, humble in heart, honest and forthright, and always encouraging.  She is just one of those people I love being around.  I see my Lord in her.  I hate that in a few weeks I’ll have to say goodbye, but praise God that someone else will get to see Jesus in her too.


Many of you are in the same boat as my friend.  Not only is this the end of your semester, it is the end of your college career.  These last moments are filled with bitter-sweetness.  There is so much to celebrate, so much to miss, so much to try to take with you, so much to try to leave here.  There is so much happening in so little time.


This is my tribute to you who are stepping out of one world and into a whole new one.  My prayer is that you will hold close to your heart all of those things your years at Western have taught you:


Value highly those lessons that cost you.  They can become your brightest beacons in those times ahead that call for sound wisdom and self-control.  Those places of difficulty are truly gifts of grace where the Lord has tested your metal, and strengthened you to withstand fiercer storms ahead.


Value highly those friendships that have sustained you.  Know that loving well, even when it hurts to say goodbye, is never a mistake.  Such relationships have made your own self more beautiful and interesting.  You would not be who you are today if you had not walked this path with the companions you have chosen.  Know that no matter where you walk, a part of them always walks with you.


Value highly those times of laughter and unstructured joy.  These are moments you will return to again and again in the days and years to come.  They will refresh you and remind you to return to the original Source of joy to have your strength renewed.  Laughter IS good for the soul.  Remember to always keep your sense of humor, and life will never get the best of you.


Value highly life itself.  Honor the life God has given you.  Do this by continuing to live well, taking adventures, and risking looking foolish to stand up for something you believe in.  Passion is the God-given fuel of transformation.  Not only will your life be changed for the best, but so will the world.


Finally, value the journey.  While one road ends, another one is just beginning.  The true joy of journeying is in knowing that the road is never quite predictable.  Never be afraid to step out in faith.  Never be afraid to trust God’s direction and guidance.  Never be afraid to ask for help.  Always know that you never really journey alone.  God is always with you.


My prayer is that for all of us who are experiencing the transitions of new adventures that we will take time to sense the Grace that holds us so carefully and lovingly.  It is always okay to live this day with Joy:  God’s got the whole world in His hands.







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