Thursday, September 28, 2006

Camping Opportunity with Christian Groups Across Campus!

Dear Friends,


I just wanted to let you know of this exciting event that will be happening soon – like October 20th!  Having Christian students from various organizations get together and just fellowship has been a burden on my heart since I got to Western.  We have done it in small ways, but I believe God is opening doors for us to really connect and celebrate what, or WHO rather, that we all have in common . . . Jesus!


Here is the info from Kaelin:


Hello Everyone


Just wanted to say Praise God for all that he is doing and is going to do and has done on Western's Campus! My name is Kaelin Vernon and I am working along side of you for our Father and Lord Jesus Christ ! God has placed it on my heart to bring unity to our campus so that the world would see a unified body in Christ and not a divided one. I have spent many months praying over Jesus words on John 17 and feel that we have done a poor job of showing Jesus through Unity here on earth! Last spring with the help of a few students we started a Unity council on Monday mornings at 9:00am in Fresh Food in DUC. In this time we have prayed together we have poored our hearts out to one another and we have planned to do things together during the semester.


  We had a successful spring semester with Water Wars  but now we are in the Fall and our event this semester is an All Campus Ministry Campout. Your student leaders who have been coming to the meeting on Mondays have gotten their sign up sheets to bring back to your groups so that we can get a head count and know how much food and other arrangements to plan for! The campout is Friday October 20th we will meet at 4:00pm in front of Diddle arena and go to a farm here in Bowling Green. This will be an over night event so sleeping bags are required anything else that can be donated to helpout will be appreciatted. The cost of this campout is a whopping $5.00 per person and their name and money is due October 16th at the Unity council meeting at 9:00am. If some of you do not have a sign up sheet or need more information please call me or email me. We will have lots of fun stuff planned for the evening also dinner and breakfast will be provided. This event will end Sat. morning at 9:00am. Please encourage your students to come and get to know each other!


The Habitat chapter on campus is building a home here in town and our students thought it would be a great idea to help out more in our community. So we are planning a All Campus Ministry Habitat day in November where we can all get together and help build a house and tear down some spiritual walls.(Acts 17:24) 


Again I want to thank you to those of you who have sent your student leaders to the Unity council, I have had an awesome time getting to know them and  it strengthens my faith when we are about our Father's business.


If you have any questions or would like to talk and pray together please call me or email me, what ever way to get in touch with me please do so.


I love you all and am very Thankful for your work


Grace and Peace


Kaelin Vernon

Merge Ministries




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