Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wesley Foundation E-letter

Dear Friends,

Hope you are all doing well on this cold day. Amazing how the weather can change so
drastically so quickly. Kind of like the unpredictability of all aspects of life. It's
good to know that there is a warm winter coat in the closet on a day like this. Just
the way it is always good to know that God's peace and provision are always available to
lean on when we need it.

Anyway, SOLID ROCK CAFE is tomorrow night at 6:30pm. We will be having homemade soup, compliments of our dear frie nd Karen Ray. If you haven't met her, you should stop by. She is an awesome cook! We will be making plans for the rest of the semester, and then heading over to "AfterDark," at Van Meter at 8pm.


We will meet for our annual Superbowl Party this Sunday at 5pm at the Wesley Foundation. There will be free food (Sami's chili), and we will project the game on the big screen in the living room. Come for a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship.

Now for Sami's Ramblings About Jesus:

This morning I have been sitting with the following scripture: Guard me as the apple of the eye (Psalm 17:8). Sometimes I go looking for scriptures to think about. But this one seemed to come looking for me. As I sit with it, I can't help but think about my boys. They are both the apple of my eye. I heard once that this expression comes from th at particular thing that happens when one's focus is so fixed on the another person that he or she could see their reflection in one's eyes.

This is how I look at my boys. It's as if I am trying to memorize everything about them in that moment so I wont forget, so my heart will always feel the joy of seeing their little selves, so I can always look back at that time and instantly be there again. When I am with them I watch over them in just this way. And I am immediately available if there is a need. I can steer them clear of danger. In the intenseness of my gaze I am a part of whatever they happen to be into.

And this is how God looks at us. He guards us as the apple of His eye. When I think of God guarding me as the apple of His eye, I am filled with such a sense of well-being. I know that He is watching out for me, ready to intervene if I need it, enjoying me, and being a part of my life.&nbs p; I think of the surety of a mother's gaze. Not much is likely to get by me. And if my boys are that safe in my gaze, it overwhelms me to think of how safe we are in God's.

Somehow understanding God this way takes the pressure off. The worries that would normally keep me up at night seem to lose their power when I really take a hold of this concept. I don't have to be all-seeing and all-knowing anymore. I don't have to be anything other than what I am.

As I think of the pressures and challenges of college life, there are so many pitfalls that are available for falling into. And yet in this most important time, God is there with you, guiding you, enjoying the fabulousness of who you are, always ready to step in do what God does best: save the day.

I guess I just want to challenge you with this thought: You are the apple of God's eye. He delights in you and watches over you with great joy.& nbsp; People in your life may not understand you, but God is immediately connected to your deepest being with His deepest self. And He wants you to enjoy the great love He has for you. So join me in a day of sitting in His gaze, and being an apple.



Rev. Sami Wilson
Campus Minister/Director

WKU Wesley Foundation
1355 College St.
Bowling Green, KY 42101
(270) 842-2880

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