Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dear Friends,

Hope all is well today!  Just a reminder that our very own David Sparks will be speaking 
tonight at 180 (BCM) at 8:30pm.  David is the Kentucky Annual Conference leader of youth 
and young adult ministries.  He is always thoughtful and passionate about his work with 
young people and always thought provoking.  It will be a treat to hear him.

Also, "Smiley and the Hot Minute" will be bring praise and worship music to us this 
Thursday at SOLID ROCK CAFE'.  There is free food at 6:30pm and worship will follow afte rward about 7:30pm.  They even have their own page on facebook!  The message will look at how we live out a God-sized purpose.

Now for Sami's Ramblings About Jesus:

Every now and then I get to watch Oprah.  It's one of my favorite shows because it inspires me.  Lateley I've seen a couple that have dealt with the subject of intention, basically what are we focusing on in our day to day lives.  It was a powerful insight for me because the message is that we give power to what we focus on. 

I am reminded of  a time when I was a young and very green pastor in Florida, enrolled in CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education).  My supervisor had a saying he would use when we allowed someone else to get the best of us.  He would say, "You gave your power away." 

I think we do the same thing when we focus on those parts of our lives that are difficult, arduous, challenge us in the most profound ways.  It's not that it's bad to think through the difficulties, but it is important where we stand when we do.  Where do we focus from?

Let me make it more plain.  When we look at our problems, challenges, and headaches, do we do it as beloved children of God?  Those whom our Lord delights in?  Or do we look at life as one who is about to get run over by it?  I have found that simply changing my perspective changes my whole day.  And often not just my experience of my day, but also the outcome of it  as well. 

There is a different kind of energy that flows out of me based upon my frame of reference.  When I am conscious of my identity as God's beloved, I act upon the abundance of a Heavenly Father who loves me, and desires to love on me.  I act confidently, knowing God has the answers so I don't have to.  I act fearlessly, because my heart is full of joy and desire, leaving no room for fear.  I a ct passionately, knowing that the passion of God's heart, living itself out through mine, will bring Life to my life.  All of those assets that are so admired by the world--confidence, fearlessness, passion--begin to redefine my identity.  The power of this redefinition is that its source has nothing to do with me at all.  It is like a river that flows through me, originating in the imagination of God.

Who does God imagine you to be?  How powerfully would this world be changed if we all allowed our focus settle exclusively on God's identity for our lives instead of our own?  It is amazing to me that the transformation of the world resides simply in our focus.  Wow.

Hope you have a great week!



Rev. Sami Wilson
Campus Minister/Director

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