Wednesday, November 16, 2005

True Words

have been slowly reading Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz. He says in his chapter called “Grace” one of the most beautiful and profound things I have ever heard:

If we hear, in our inner ear, a voice saying we are failures, we are losers, we will never amount to anything, this is the voice of Satan trying to convince the bride that the groom does not love her. This is not the voice of God. God woos us with kindness, He changes our character with the passion of His love.

Isn’t that beautiful? There is such tender mercy in the touch of Jesus Christ upon our lives. We experience true tenderness and true mercy so little in this fallen world, that it is often hard to recognize the voice and the touch of our Savior. And yet something primal in us years for grace and mercy, tenderness and understanding. The good news, the news Jesus left heaven to bring us and died on a cross to demonstrate for us, is that this grace and mercy, tenderness and understanding is God’s heart for us. God’s heart breaks for us to experience what we are so hungry for. Did you know it breaks God’s heart when He sees us suffering, yearning for a soft word of encouragement, and instead of hearing His words of grace, we instead open our ears to words that demolish our spirits and kill all that is beautiful within us?

I’ll be honest. This is a time of transition and change for me personally. It’s not easy. But I am learning that Jesus is so gentle and tender and forgiving as He engineers my transformation. I am learning there is nothing to fear in submitting to His hand in my life. I can say to you with good conscience there is nothing to fear from the Lord. He loves you. And in doing the hard thing in our lives, He always takes the hardest thing upon Himself. He shares our burdens. He gives us His strength. He surrounds us with people who love Him so they can love us with His love. I am so thankful.

Do you need a place where you can see His love for you personally? Just come on down. We have some good news we just can’t wait to tell you!



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