Monday, July 30, 2012

The Open Road

I don't want to
walk a path
of varnished wisdom--
pretty to look at
at first glance--
but no real character.

I don't want to
offer a perspective
that diminishes problems by
providing easy answers
that cost me nothing--

I want my life to offer
Something Real
insights from answers
that cost me everything--
that still leave gaping holes
ready for redemption

Tell me the answers
you live when
what you bring to the table
is not nearly enough
but Grace reveals itself
in the living

Oh I see now how

Living in the
unresolved tension,
faith building muscle
on the daily treadmill
of trying to see a purpose
in things so hard
is actually valuable

This road teaches humlity

And resourcefulness--

Because there is a daily saving grace--
the small kindness of
a life unfolding with invitations
to JOY
written all over--
still the mess, yes
yet joyful

Oh I want to
open wide my arms
to the all of it

And safeguard my heart
against narrowness,
a life meanly lived
empty of compassion
for lack of vulnerability

On this road
I allow my heart
to feel the fulness
to walk in paths
I would not readily choose

So that compassion becomes
the tread of my shoes

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