Friday, November 14, 2003

Prayers As the Semester Ends

Dear Friends,

God is so good! Just sending out this weeks letter with a prayer that you will be enveloped by the goodness of God. Please know how precious you are in His sight. And Jesus has carved out a special place in my heart for you as well. I am often overwhelmed by the love He feels for you. You are special stuff!

I want to offer you a prayer as we go into another busy weekend and as the semester draws to a close.

Dear Father,

I thank You so much for the joy and privilege of serving in such a wonderful place with such wonderful people. You must love me a lot! Thank You, thank You, thank You. I pray right now that you will bless each one, each student who reads this. I pray that as she or he opens this e-mail, You will flood each with a sense of Your presence. Help each one to know without a doubt how precious he or she is in Your sight. Help them all to understand the beauty of the unique creation You made them to be. I pray that for every stress they encounter, You will shower them with Your strength, knowledge, and insight. Help them to persevere in the crunch time of this closing semester. Give them peace about all that has already passed. Help them to understand that You are holding the whole world together by Your grace and love, and that nothing that happens to them is mightier than Your love and Your ability to step in and make things better. Help each one to know Your arms are so safe and trustworthy, and that they can take all of their cares and concerns to You and leave them there. Give them the grace to be able to let go of their worries and anxieties, casting them on You. Grant them the faith they need to move the mountains in their lives by believing You, not just believing in You. Thank You, Lord, for loving each one of these precious young adults more than I do, and for already making provision for their every need.

I love You, Lord. You are so much more than I ever imagined. Thank You for loving us and giving us abundant and eternal life.


Friends, I hope you are blessed this week.

Much love,


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