Tuesday, November 25, 2003

To Know Him

In spending some time in Bible study and worship this morning, my eyes were opened once again to the Majesty and Mercy of our Lord. Consider this reflection upon our God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit:

You are love, pure, and sweet; its finest expression. Your loving, Lord, Your being, is so precious, a rare and exquisite gift. I think about our attempts to love. We offer our fallible tries to one another and to You. Oh, but You take our offerings and fill them with Your own worth, and they become beautiful. You are so gentle and gracious. It is hard to even put it into words. My heart is so bruised and frightened, skittish. And yet, in all Your mighty power, You find ways to communicate so gently. Who are You, who is like You, so forceful and strong that a human cannot stand in Your presence without being destroyed, and yet so humble and gentle that our hearts naturally turn to You, genuinely seeking Your face? Who are You, who is like You, who created galaxies and still lovingly and delicately knit each one of us together with astonishing detail? Who are You, who is like You, whose passion is stronger than death, yet whose life comes in a new-born baby’s cry? Who are You, who is like You, who tenderly and genly leads our stumbling and fumbling footsteps upon a holy path, and delights in doing so? You alone are worthy of our worship. You alone are powerful enough to evoke our truest fear, and yet humble enough to desire our truest love instead. You are a King of earthly paradox, yet robed in Heavenly perfection. You are holy; You are so holy; You alone are holy. And in bringing us to Yourself, You make us holy too.

When I stop to consider the holiness of God that is married to the humble lovingness of God, I am always drawn to worship. It is so wonderful to me that a God who is incomprehensibly awesome loves us flawed and messy human beings. He knows all my faults and yet isn’t scared away. He knows all my failures and yet sings over me with joy. Say those affirmations for yourself, because they are true for each and every one of us. The only one qualified to point a finger at us never does. Instead He tenderly walks with us, changing us from glory to glory until we reflect Him in the world.

This break, I encourage you to think about what you are most thankful for in your relationship with Jesus. If you don’t have a personal relationship with Him, I encourage you to accept the invitation He is offering you to be His close personal friend. It’s as easy as saying, “Jesus I want to be Your close personal friend, and I want You to be mine. Please come into my heart.” This is His desire for you: To know Him and be known by Him. Spend some time loving on Him this week and letting Him love on you. It will refresh you more than you can even guess.

Know that Jesus loves you and I do too.



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