Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An Angel Helped Me Carry Something to DUC--Wesley Weekly E-Letter (Methodist Student Center)

Dear Friends,

Hope you are enjoying this nice change in weather. It actually looks and kind of feels like fall! Here
is a quick run-down of the stuff we have going on:

Tomorrow night we eat at 6:30pm. Of course it's free. And then we will make prayer labyrinths. If you
enjoy making art, you will love this. It is a really creative way to pray. We will also talk about
prayer as a journey and where our journeys are taking us this year. It should be fun.

Also this Sunday Bishop James King will be in Bowling Green at Christ United Methodist Church. At 6pm
there will be a time of singing where different churches will share music from around the Bowling Green
area. We will also be singing and sharing a slide show of what God is doing at the Wesley Foundation.
It is one of the ways we will celebrate our 50 years of ministry at WKU. Be sure and join us!

Now for Sami's Ramblings About Jesus:

Yesterday I was visited by an angel. God sent a young man to help me out in a situation where I was too
proud to ask for help. I was walking from the Wesley Foundation to DUC, taking our Pack & Play to a
friend who has a baby a few months younger than Isaiah. I figured I could just carry it and walk, since
parking is so difficult. Of course the hill was much steeper than I anticipated, and the Pack & Play
weighed more than I thought and was hard to hold on to! Sweat was dripping off of me by the time I
reached Cherry Hall.

As I was going in to Cherry a young man stopped to hold the door for me, and seeing my struggle he asked
if I could use some help. I said no. He said since he was already late for class, he might as well go
ahead and help me. I told him I didn't want to keep him from class. Again he offered.

There was something in his offer that was like manna from heaven. I finally accepted the help he was
ready to give. I'm so glad I did. My load was heavy.

I think this is how Jesus is with us. We walk through life carrying loads of heavy stuff: high
expectations, doubts, fears, frustrations, hurts, habits, broken relationships, disappointments, anger,
worry, etc. At every turn Jesus is standing there asking us, "Can I carry that for you?" His promise is
that He takes the weight of our sin and worry and gives us His heart instead. What a cool trade! It is
a transformation that brings freedom, energy, and aliveness. We begin to care about things He cares
about, yet having the power we need, His power, to actually do something that makes a real difference in
the concerns on our hearts.

I was truly humbled to have to accept help the other day. But the blessing that young man gave me was
immeasurable. So Kenny, wherever you are, thank you for showing me Jesus. I hope you come to Wesley
sometime so everyone can see what my angel looks like.



Rev. Sami Wilson
Campus Minister/Director

WKU Wesley Foundation
1355 College St.
Bowling Green, KY 42101
(270) 842-2880

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