Saturday, September 15, 2007

God Found Me--Wesley Foundation E-Letter (Methodist Campus Ministry)

Dear Friends,

It's been a beautiful day. I tend to forget when the weather is so hot and dry for so long that
eventually it will change. And so it was nice to be outside on this day when there was a crisp-
ness in the air and a break from the sweltering heat. It's another reminder that time does move
along, and so do our lives.

Now for Sami's Ramblings About Jesus:

I have just finished reading a book. It has challenged and inspired me in ways I never dreamed
when I picked it up one afternoon from the stacks of religion books in the public library. On that
crazy afternoon when I was so desperate for a quiet, contemplative space to pray, I retreated to
the library for some solitude. Only, I found when I got there that there was a buzz and busyness
present that precluded any real solitude. After fumbling around for some inspiration, I checked a
couple of books out and headed home, disappointed that my "day with God" was not what I had hoped
it would have been.

It is amazing how God shows up anyway. Over the course of three weeks I have been slowly,
deliberately, prayerfully reading this book. And it has delighted and surprised me the way I have
sensed the presence of Christ raise off the pages to speak to my heart. I thought I had to do a
bunch of religious searching to find God. Instead, God found me.

I love the surprising ways that the gospel breaks in to my predictable life to say, "Hey you!
Here's some good news!" I love that I cannot manufacture it, but instead can only humbly receive
it. I love that the only response that merits anything is mystified gratitude. I love that at the
end of the day, I am no judge of how God will show up next.

It seems like God has been showing up more and more in unpredictable, yet "good news" ways. It is
so good to be reminded that we are not in this life alone. We have each other, and we have God who
loves us desperately and is passionate about teaching us to love one another.

So dear friends, and I mean every one of you, let us live into this semester with wonder in our
souls. Be assured that we are never lost from God's good news. It can show up at any moment in
surprising and unexpected ways. Let us also be humbly aware that the next blessing sent to inspire
and encourage us may come from the unlikeliest of places. We must be prepared at any moment to
encounter the Living Lord in everything and EVERY one around us. We never know when something of
the eternal will tap on the exterior of our hearts asking to be let in. I just know I want to be
ready and receptive when it does. Do you?



Rev. Sami Wilson
Campus Minister/Director

WKU Wesley Foundation
1355 College St.
Bowling Green, KY 42101
(270) 842-2880

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Brit said...

"It seems like God has been showing up more and more in unpredictable, yet "good news" ways."

Boy oh boy can I attest to that statement!! In the past year and a half I think God has been one of the only few thing to have kept me going. I mean really. You know the whole sob story, frankly...I'm tired of it, and I'm glad to have my life going in a much more positive direction these days. You really realize what you had once it's gone, but I think sometimes "nothing" and "starting over" are really beautiful. I know that my Abuela agrees. I hope all is well with you. I will be emailing you in a bit.
Peace, Love, & Hugs!