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It's a New Day! Wesley Foundation E-Letter (Methodist Campus Ministry)

Dear Friends,


Hope you are all having a great day!  We are finally past that first week of school blitz, and things are beginning to take on a routine.  Praise God!  It is awesome to be in a new school year!


Tonight we begin our Tuesday night worship services at 6:30pm.  We will start music early this evening about 6:20pm if you want to come by and enjoy some extra worship time.  One of our worship leaders has a meeting to go to, but still wanted to be able to praise God beforehand!


Thursday night we have a meal and program.  Free food is at 6:30pm and then we will spend some time experiencing the Prayer Labyrinth together.  Our theme for the year is “Journey Together.”  Come and find out what that means.  And if you don’t have a T-Shirt, we have one for you.  Also, since I forgot to do it at our Dessert Open House, we will have a drawing for the $100 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble!


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Now for Sami’s Ramblings About Jesus:


It is a new day at the Wesley Foundation in so many ways.  Certainly it is a new school year.  And we are doing some new things.  And there are DEFINITELY a lot of NEW FACES sharing life around here.  But I think the most significant new thing at the Wesley Foundation, is that there is a new move of God happening here, one that blows my socks off!  It is an exciting time; there are so many ways that God is doing a new and fresh thing.  Not only are there new people here, but there is also an excitement about being a part of something bigger than we could imagine.   And it keeps surprising us!


It is like the work that goes in to nurturing a young fruit tree.  There are years of planting, watering, fertilizing, and pruning, and then one day . . . . there is fruit.  How cool is that!  The thing that I am learning right now in the midst of seeing so many answered prayers is that I still need God in the middle of my answers.  Of course we know to pray when we are faced with questions, and every moment we are calling out to God for help.  But I am stunned by the bigger need for God that comes with the fulfillment of the promise.  Of course it takes faith to wait for the promise, but I am stunned by the bigger faith it takes live in the realized promise.  Of course God’s people needed Him so much in the Wilderness, when they literally relied upon His provision daily for food.  But OH HOW THEY NEEDED HIM when they entered the promised-land and daily fought the temptation to believe they were self-sufficient.


So many of you are freshman, and you are living in the promise of college.  This is the reward of years of toil and expectation, straining for something that seemed so out of reach.  For years you have lived at home under someone else’s authority, and now you can buy whatever kind of toothpaste you want as well as eat cereal as your main meal no matter the time of day.  The freedom is astonishing.  This stage of accomplishment is one which will shape so much of your life to come.  In so many ways, you have arrived.


I want to challenge you at this new stage of promise to go deeper into the heart of the Promise Giver.  As we are entrusted with new freedom and greater responsibility, we need Him more, not less.  These are the days when the choice to follow becomes more crucial.  I believe it is because it is more your own choice than ever.  It is not your parent’s, not your youth director’s, not your guidance counselor’s, not your brother’s or your sister’s; the choices to follow God and choose Him first is more your own because there is no one in close proximity that demands you make a choice they can live with.  You are now living on your own. 


As we enter a new stage of ministry here at the Wesley Foundation, it could be so easy to take human credit for the God thing that is happening.  But I am abundantly clear that God is the One who doing this new thing.  I sure want to cooperate, but I never want to take credit for what the Spirit of God has done.  As we begin this journey together, I invite and challenge you to draw closer to God who walks with you, who is your Promise Giver, and your Promise Fulfiller.  As you begin your college journey with Him, you will be blown away by the great things He can do.  I want you to experience all of Him that He can give you.  It is such an awesome ride.  And all of us here at Wesley would love to share it with you!







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