Monday, September 29, 2008

Take a Clutter Break! Wesley Foundation Weekly E-Letter (Methodist Campus Ministry)

Dear Friends,


Hope all is well with you this fine day!  I’m sitting on the front porch of the Wesley Foundation writing this e-letter.  How cool is that!  It’s a gorgeous afternoon.  May you all get out enjoy it! 


Even though it is Fall Break this week, we do have some things going on.  Tomorrow night we have worship, and for those who would like to stay we will have a leadership/planning meeting.  We’ll probably grab a bite somewhere while we meet.


Tomorrow on South Lawn we will set up the prayer labyrinth.  Come and relax from the mid-semester crunch by walking this sacred path!


Don’t forget Fall Retreat is coming up!  October 17-20.  Cost is $40, and scholarships are available.  Sign up now!


Now for Sami’s Ramblings About Jesus:


So this morning I spent some time simply cleaning my office.  I know, there are a hundred things I need to be doing.  But something in me just felt like having an orderly environment was more important.  I’ve been trying to work and pray in the chaos long enough.  My longing for peace and order overcame my anxious need to get something else done.  I am amazed at the transition that age (and I guess wisdom) is bringing.  Some of you who know me well are laughing out loud!


Really, it is kind of funny.  One of my dear friends from my first church once got me a refrigerator magnet that basically says clutter is a sign of creativity.  It’s just easier on so many levels to be disorganized.  And there was a time in my life when it worked for me.  But not so much anymore.  So I have come to think of de-cluttering my physical space as a kind of spiritual formation.  There is something about having simplified and orderly space that allows my spirit to be at rest.  My inside seems to reflect and resonate with my outside environment.  And for once in my life (yes, Mom, miracles still happen) picking the stuff up off the bedroom (and office) floor is time well spent.  Somehow it helps me breathe easy.


Perhaps it is a reflection of that inner desire for the Spirit of Christ to order my life.  Jesus led such a simple life here on earth.  In its simplicity He demonstrated the richness of God’s goodness and mercy.  It seems that the sparseness of His possessions, appointments, and to do lists helped Him to enter fully into the life that is truly Life.  And in direct contrast it seems that our cacophony noise, stuff, and nagging agendas keeps us far from the abundance of life we are so desperately trying to obtain.  It is as if I can hear Him say to my spirit, “Be still my child.  Let Me be who I am, so that you can be all I made you to be.”  The world would say we become ourselves through intense effort deliberately designed to achieve measurable goals.  God says that our becoming has more to do with our being, and our most significant doing always finds its birth there.  I say let God win.  I’m tired of intense effort that is ultimately a waste of time and energy.  Instead, I want to slow down.  Clean my room.  And create a space where every part of me can breathe easy.


Now why would I share this?  The college atmosphere is so fraught with imperatives:  You must do this; you must accomplish that; you must go there; you must contribute here; you must, you must, you must.  Looming over every student’s head is the scary scenario of “what if?”  What if you don’t have an adequate GPA?  What if you don’t have a substantial engagement activities transcript?  What if you don’t hold a leadership position in an organization?  What if you don’t show participation in diverse activities?  What if you never have that perfect resume builder that will set you apart and give you the edge when it comes to entering “the real world?”  There are so many reasons to be full of worries and anxieties as a member of this university community.  And I haven’t even mentioned the relationship turmoil that threatens to undermine friendships, family, and the all important significant other connection.  Life as a college student can be crazy at best and downright scary chaotic at worst.  This is not what God wants for His children.


So I come back to the simplicity of Jesus.  “Come unto Me,” He says, “All you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”  His presence beckons us to do the one necessary thing.  He encourages us to “seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness,” knowing that when we do this everything else will find its proper place.  He knows how important this time is in your lives.  He know there are things we must do.  His offer of abundance is that when we do His thing first, He helps us do the next thing most needed.  And nothing important is left out.


So here’s to clean rooms and a break from all clutter:  physical, emotional, and spiritual.


This is me trusting,




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